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Keyword entry captures leads for fraction of what other lead generators charge.

Leads build an opt-in database.

Merchants can respond to market changes in minutes and send promotional offers for just a few pennies.

Responses are immediate and measured.

Accurate campaign ROIs can be determined.

Using different keywords for each ad medium (TV, newspaper, radio, etc). This allows you to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of one ad medium versus another.

There are 252 million mobile users in the U.S.; 317 million by 2012.

64% of mobile users text frequently — and that number is growing across all age segments.

Devices are carried by everyone, everywhere.

Devices are convenient and easier to use.

94% of mobile messages are read and are more personal and faster than direct mail and email.

66% of U.S. consumers recall mobile marketing campaigns.

36% of consumers took some action on mobile campaigns.

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